Preface (undated)

Within the covers of this book will be found a brief account of my experiences as an Electrician in the U.S. Navy during our war with Germany.

I begin by giving a brief account of my trip from my home, two miles East of Thornburg to N.Y. and from then on I will not only give an account of my actual experiences but will also put down certain things that I consider important enough to have a place in a work of this kind.

And whoever may read this book in time to come may feel secure in accepting as the truth anything written upon these pages.

I would also have the readers of these pages bear in mind that the things written herein are not to be lightly considered as the writer has given more than three months time to the consideration as to whether or not he should keep a written account of the things that have happened and are to happen to him in the times of which he writes.

That period from May 28th to Aug. 11th is written from memory but after that it is the writers intention to devote a few minutes each week in an account of the more important happenings thereby reducing to a minimum the possibility of an error being made concerning dates etc,. Also when his work will permit he will try to write each day, not only on the happenings of the day, (so that this will not only be an account of actual happenings) but will also contain brief sketches on the various subjects to which I devote my thots while going about my duties. The writer has noticed of late that while actually engaged at work on board the ship, his thots have not been upon his present occupation but upon the things that he [moved??] life to do.

Without out a doubt there will be much written herein that will be of no interest to anyone else but this is written to please but one person, myself, and anyone else that happens to read it will not find it necessary to pass any opinion whatsoever and if at any time while they are perusing its pages, they feel that the time spent in reading it is being wasted they are at liberty to lay it aside and read no farther.